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*In the photo, the entrance is on the right side. The entrance is advised to be at the foot of the child.


The Maisonette bed is the ideal solution to meet all your child's needs. Say goodbye to hours of bed wrestling and give him a fun, relaxing retreat where he can fall asleep with a little more enthusiasm each night. A non-toxic varnish applied which serves to preserve the wood and make the bed softer. Thanks to the colored sticker on each piece and all the roof joints are nested one inside the other, this greatly facilitates assembly and makes it ideal for all Canadian families. Designed and manufactured locally with the highest Canadian safety standards, this will let you know it will be safe. Every part is made with rounded corners to prevent any risk of injury during play. Above all, this bed offers a five-year warranty on parts and a 30-day satisfaction guarantee after delivery and assembly, then you know you can trust us. This timeless solution will delight your child for years to come.

Montessori bed -Zeus-